Matt's Services

Matt provides magical entertainment for small or large audiences, from the very young to the elderly, up-close or on stage. Matt uses sleight of hand, mentalism and humor to engage and mystify his audience. Some of the places and events where he has performed include: house parties, weddings, food truck rodeos, birthday parties, conventions and restaurants. He has performed for fire fighters, 5 year olds, college students, clergy, retirees and the homeless.




Matt doing up-close magic
Matt doing up-close magic


Up-close Magic

Matt is a master of card tricks - he will simply leave you and your guests in awe wondering how a card you just chose from the deck and placed back in the middle of the deck gets to the top, not once or twice but three times in row right in front of your eyes. Matt conducts magic with coins, balls, ropes and other objects making them appear and disappear leaving you wondering if what you just saw was even possible.

Stage Magic

Matt uses mentalism, illusion, intuition and audience participation while performing stage magic. His stage show will astonish and perplex the crowd - leaving you wondering for days how the rope that was in three similar lengths became one long piece or how Matt predicted an audience member would choose a random 4 digit number.


Matt conducts Introduction to Magic workshops and provides one-on-one training and mentoring for anyone who has a potential interest and/or a definite passion for learning magic. For more information contact Matt at